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The innovative NATlab system offers a rapid, easy and comprehensive molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases at near patient setting.

It features a compact benchtop analyser and a disposable microfluidic cartridge allowing automated Sample-to-Answer processing of crude specimens in 30-45 minutes.

NATlab Technology


The diagnostic assay inside the cartridge is based on a patented rolling circle amplification (RCA) protocol, rather than PCR, enabling multiplex detection of up to 100 pathogens by a proprietary carbon array sensor embedded in the cartridge.

Isothermal amplification using RCA instead of PCR provides superior accuracy, sensitivity and speed.

NATlab Key Advantages

Superior accuracy

High sensitivity and specificity enabled by proprietary rolling circle amplification assay inside the cartridge

High multiplexing

Allowing simultaneous detection of 100 different pathogens/genomic targets in a single test

Rapid Results

Rapid results

30-45 minutes analysis, enabling its use at near-patient setting

Fully automated

Allowing operation by minimally trained non-professional personnel

Easy panel modification

Allowing fast response to new emerging pathogens and strains


NATlab device connectivity and geographical mapping of test results for outbreak detection and management

The NATlab device

The NATlab system includes a compact benchtop device and a dedicated syndromic cartridge.

This system enables performing the RCA-based pathogen detection assay in a ‘Sample-to-Answer’ mode.

Patented amplification reaction using RCA

The proprietary RCA reaction can detect as low as single-digit copy number of a pathogenic target.

The technology is extensively patented as a combined technology of the NATlab cartridge, molecular assay and instrument.



Genomic DNA extraction


Pathogen selective gDNA isothermal pre-amplification


Circular probe hybridization with target amplicons


Ligation of positive circular probes


Elimination of non-ligated probes & gDNA


RCA Amplification of positive probes


Cutting RCA products to short oligos


Hybridization and detection of amplified targets with carbon array probes


Assay report

Syndromic microfluidic Cartridges

The patented cartridge is a closed disposable system that houses all the chemical and biological reagents required for isolation, RCA amplification, and multiplex detection of pathogenic DNA/RNA

 The proprietary carbon array sensor inside the cartridge enables fast and efficient multiplex detection of DNA/RNA targets from multiple bacteria, viruses or fungi.

Sample to Answer operation mode allowed by the patented microfluidic cartridge, enables the operation of the system by non-professional minimally trained personnel

Dedicated syndromic cartridges (panels) for each condition disease assures comprehensive and fast diagnosis of the pathogen

Easy panel modification is enabled by the proprietary sensor technology and the patented isothermal amplification assay. This allows fast response to new emerging pathogens and strains

NATlab Cartridge Key Advantages

insert unprocessed sample into the cartridge and then into the analyser

Carbon array multiplex sensor technology enabling comprehensive testing capabilities

Based on patented isothermal amplification protocol - cost effective, rapid and accurate

Syndromic approach - dedicated cartridge per syndrome

Stored and operates at room temperature

Optional feature for monitoring outbreaks

The NATlab system harbors an optional feature for connectivity between NATlab units located in various sites and geographical mapping of test results, thereby enabling outbreak detection and management of pandemic.

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