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Privacy & Cookies Policy

This privacy and data protection policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is supplied pursuant to Sect. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the “Privacy Code”)”.

This Privacy Policy is supplied for the website (the “Website”), accessible both through a PC browser and through applications installed on tablets or smartphones. Other websites accessible by means of links present on the Website are excluded from the Privacy Policy.

The Data Controller which can be contacted by the user pursuant to Sect. 7 of the Privacy Code is Ador Diagnostics S.r.l. Data are processed at the headquarters located in Via Luigi Einaudi 7, 00012 Guidonia di Montecelio, Rome, Italy

The collection of personal data, is carried out in certain areas of the Website, possibly accompanied by further privacy and data protection policies supplementing this. Such additional policies expressly require, where necessary, the consent to the processing of the concerned data.

IT systems and software procedures governing the surfing of the Website acquire, for the sole time of the connection, identification data which are non-permanently stored nor collected. Nevertheless, such data, because of their own nature, may allow, through elaborations and associations with data held by third parties, to identify the users. They are: IP addresses or domain names of computers used by connected users, URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) of the required resources, the time, the means used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained as an answer, the numerical code indicating the status of the answer given by the server and other parameters.

The Website uses the following cookies (a cookie is a collection of data, often containing a single anonymous identification code, sent by a browser to a web server, and which is afterwards stored on the hard disk of the visiting computer; the cookie is then re-read and recognised only by the website which sent it whenever the computer connects to the website).

The use of session cookies (cookies which are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and are deleted when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the sending of session identification data (random number generated by the server), necessary to allow a safe and efficient surfing of the Website. In particular, session cookies are used for the following purposes: safety and improvement of service offered.

The Website does not use permanent cookies other than technical cookies (i.e. cookies necessary for using the Website).

In particular, the Website does not use profiling cookies i.e. cookies aimed at creating user profiles used to send ads messages in line with the preferences shown by the user during navigation

Please find below a chart in which the cookies used are listed, together with the purpose of each cookie.

Please find below a chart in which the cookies used are listed, together with the purpose of each cookie.

Cookie name



Save session ID to server, standard by ASP.NET

__Request Verification Token

this is an anti-forgery token (prevent CSRF attack). It guarantees that the poster is the one who gets the form.

The user can set his/her browser in order to be warned of the presence of a cookie and thus decide whether to accept it or not. It is also possible to set the browser in order to automatically refuse any cookie. If the user decides to refuse cookies, it is possible that certain interactive features of the Website cannot be used, in whole or in part.

The free and non-compulsory registration with the website, implies the collection of personal data required by registration (including identification data, e-mail address, phone number). Such data shall be processed pursuant to the data protection policy available here.

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